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* Adoption Pending*

  • 2.5 yr old Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix

  • Spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations (will be April 1st).

  • She is a sweet, sensitive and good-natured girl.

  • Well suited to a home with young children and other dog-friendly dogs.

  • Always up for a walk, easy to walk on leash.

  • Can be a bit skittish in new environments, has a tendency to try and flee if very uncomfortable.

  • Once a bond is formed, she’s your baby girl!

  • Accepts grooming, baths and nail trims well.

  • True to her breed, she can be quite vocal at times, mostly when startled or when someone comes to the door. She does sound the bark alarm but settles nicely afterwards.

  • Playful and bright, she likes to make her people happy.



Home Environment

  • Jiggy is sensitive to major changes and she will need a day or two to adjust fully. She will need a home that is patient and encouraging, especially during her initial adjustment.

  • She is used to being a very big part of household activities. She loves to be where her people are and needs a home where someone is around a large part of each day.

  • She likes to be on the couch and prefers to sleep in bed with her people. She is a cuddle bug. If dogs on furniture or up-close & personal are not your preference, then Jiggy is not the dog for you.

  • Jiggy does tend to chase cats, more out of play, but she can be persistent about it. A home without cats is preferred, although she has been respectful of a few dog-savvy cats that she has visited.

  • A fenced yard would be ideal. She takes an avid interest in monitoring (and chasing away) the resident squirrel population.

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 Adoption fees:

*Fees include up to date vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.

-Puppy: 450$

-Adult dog: 425$

-Senior dog: 375$

-Kitten: 225$

-Adult feline: 200$

-Senior feline: 150$

    How to apply:

If you are interested in any of our animals listed, please e-mail our team at: and we will send you an application form or click on the link below to fill our adoption application.

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