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Available for Adoption

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                      Meet Bernaby


Although only 2 years old, this sweetheart has already had quite an eventful life!  Bernaby was born in Thailand where he was rescued as an injured stray by our partner, Soi Dog Foundation.  Following successful rehabilitation, Bernaby made the long journey to Ottawa in August 2022 in search of his furever home. 


He is medium sized (approx. 45 pounds), has a wonderful ‘scruffy chic’ look, bags of personality and a huge heart.  He has settled in well with his foster family but we’d love for him to find his furever home while he’s still young.  He is calm and well-mannered in the house and has learnt basic commands like sit, stay, give and giving a paw! 


Bernaby loves being outside and going on long walks so would suit a mid-energy household.  That said, after a day of exploring, he loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch.  Due to his inquisitive nature he will require a home with a secure, fully fenced outdoor space.  He generally walks well on the lead but has shown an interest in chasing small animals, so will require a double leash with harness and collar when out and about. 


Bernaby gets along very well with the child he lives with in his foster home, so we would be comfortable placing him in a family with dog savvy children (10+).  We believe Bernaby will do best in a home where he is the only dog as he is still learning to socialise with other dogs.  With the help of his foster family he has made great progress and, with proper introduction does make friends after slow and patient introductions.  However, he will need a owner/family committed to continuing to help him with socialisation.  He is up to date on vaccines and neutered. and he is microchipped.


This gorgeous boy didn’t have the best start in life but we’re certain there’s a perfect home just waiting to welcome him and see him flourish.  Could it be you?


                 Ricky’s profile


This sweet pup came into care as a local rescue, and he is now ready to find his forever home!


Ricky is a male, pure bred Doberman, 9 months old.

He will grow to be a large dog as his mother is close to 85 pounds and his father is 100 pounds.


Ricky would do best living in the country, where he can play with other large dogs, off leash. He has developed an over-excited reactivity with other dogs when on leash, and has been observed to play very well with other large dogs when off leash. We have observed him to be too much for smaller dogs.


He does not get along with cats.


He has shown a great temperament around kids 10+, but he is also a jumpy large breed adolescent. Our trainers and team have determined that Ricky needs to be in a child free home, and applications will only be accepted with teenagers (15+).


Ricky will need an experienced owner who can commit to properly training him. We have observed him to learn quickly so far, and he did very well at all veterinary appointments. We are actively working with a trainer while he is in care, and the expectation upon adoption will consist of continued training. He is a typical adolescent for his breed, and will need a lot of stimulation, playtime, and consistency in order to properly flourish as he continues to grow. 


He is up to date on his vaccines, microchipped and neutered.

Adoption Application

                                                                                       Adoption Process

Please note that our adoption process has a general template, which starts with a telephone interview once your application has been reviewed by our team and the foster family. During the interview, we will discuss the animal more in detail. The next step consists of a meet and greet with all members of the family, a member of our team and the foster family. The fosters are heavily involved in the process as they know the animal best, and can answer any question. Following this step, we call references before coordinating a week-end trial, followed by a week-long trial, and then we finalize the adoption. 

This process is a general template, and it is important to note that each adoption process is tailored to each animal's needs. While some processes can take 1-2 weeks, others can take up to 1 month. We do this to ensure a smooth transition for the animal, and to ensure that the adoption is the proper fit. We appreciate the adopters' time, patience and understanding. 

                                                                                      Foster to Adopt program

We do offer the foster to adopt program, which means that animals are placed in your home as fosters and the rescue covers all supplies, food and medical costs. Once the animal has been vetted and is ready for adoption, the foster family adopts the animal under this program.

If you are interested in becoming a foster to adopt, please submit both a foster and adoption application and a member of our team will be in touch.

Adoption fees

Fees include a wellness exam, core vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip. Strays that are taken into care also receive blood work upon intake, as well as dewormer. Please note that all vetting is conducted at our partner veterinarians in the city. Animals that are too young to be spayed/neutered are adopted under foster to adopt, with a signed contract, stating that the adoption will not be finalized until the spay/neuter has been done by our vet clinic. 


Puppy: 600$ (up to 12 months)                              Kitten: 225$                 
Adult dog: 550$ (1-7 years)                                     Adult feline: 200$ 
Senior dog: 475$ (8+ years)                                    Senior feline: 150$


                                            How to apply:

If you are interested in any of our animals listed, please fill out an adoption application below and e-mail our team at:


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