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                      Meet Leila:

This sweet girl came into care in January, after her owner passed away. Leila is a sensitive cat to change, and will require a few days as she settles into her new home, but once she is comfortable, she loves to cuddle on her peoples'  lap and sleep at their feet.

-She is 3 years old



-Up to date on vaccines

-She has allergies and requires a fish kibble based diet

-No medication

-She previously lived as the only pet, but has become comfortable with the two cats in her foster home

-She has not been tested with kids or dogs

-Leila is more comfortable with men initially, but warms up to women with time

                    Meet Calian:


Meet Calian, our sweet young pup who was rescued from the streets of Colombia in August. He is 10 months old, 22 pounds, and had a hard start to life. Calian was a victim of abuse while surviving the streets when residents would throw boiling water on him. As a result, his skin has certain patches where the fur will never grow back. Despite this abuse, Calian is the friendliest little dog who is an absolute lap dog. He loves young kids and other dogs, and he is full of puppy beans.


It is important to note that Calian was treated for mange, a skin disease that was tested by our local veterinarian, and he is not contagious to humans. He will require year long Nexgard Spectra to help keep his immune system strong and healthy, and he will require medicated baths when his skin starts to get sensitive.


Calian would thrive in an active household with younger kids (5+) and or with another dog friendly dog. He has not been tested with cats, but he displays no prey instincts and would most likely adjust well to a feline sibling.


Calian is deemed a flight risk due to his survival on the streets, and as such, he will require a harness and collar and to be double leashed. He would also benefit from a fenced yard, although not necessary if he will be kept on leash.

                           Meet Jesse:


Hi everyone! Meet Jesse. His background is quite the story: he was born in Saudi Arabia 6 years ago and lived the first 3 years of his life as a street cat. Unfortunately, the streets were not very nice to him, and he learned to survive on his own, homeless and hungry until a kind woman named Kim rescued him and rehabilitated him in 2019. When she and her family relocated back to Canada, they refused to leave him behind but could not keep him in their new home. This is when Jesse came into our care,  and he has been staying with such a loving foster home. Since his arrival, he has been re-checked by a kind local vet, and is now ready to find his new family!


Here is what his foster mom and our team have determined about him:

-Can’t live with other cats. He does not get along with them and will need to be the only cat in the home.

-Tolerates dogs who will give him space. He lives with a dog in his foster home, and both have no issues with each other, but they do respect each other’s space and boundaries.

-Loves young kids! He lives with a 3 and 6 year old and loves to cuddle with them (supervised). Jesse will do very well in a home with kids of all ages, as long as they are supervised and understand when Jesse needs space ( like most cats).

-He is a former street/outdoor cat. He is now fully indoor, but the outdoorsy cat in him will always remain. As such, he is deemed a high escape risk and will require a family who understands this and ensures that access to front doors is gated or closed.

-Up to date on shots, neutered and microchipped.

                         Meet Kai:

Kai is 1 year old, and weighs about 60 pounds. She is a potcake rescue who was adopted at 8 weeks, and was surrendered by her owner in March 2022.

She is currently in a kennel while we find her a suitable foster home, or a foster to adopt placement. Her trainer has worked with Kai for several months and has determined the following:

-Kai will not do well in a busy area of the city. She will do best in a quieter environment like the country or a quiet residential neighbourhood with a fenced yard.

-She has a prey drive and as such, will not do well with cats.

-She loves other dogs, and is extremely dog friendly. She would do best in a home with another canine companion.

-No young kids. Best suited to older teenagers who understand boundaries and space.

              Meet Shay and Felicity:


This sweet, bonded pair came into care in March, after their owner passed away. Shay is a 12 year old, neutered male, and Felicity is a 12 year old, spayed female. They are siblings from the same litter and have lived their whole lives together, so must be adopted together. They have lived in a home with other dogs and a cat, so would be suitable for a home with other pets. They both like to have a very clean litter box. Changing environments is very scary for them so they will need a few weeks to adjust before meeting any pets in their new home. 


Shay is more outgoing. He absolutely loves food but needs to be fed on a schedule with measured portions to keep his diabetes under control. He is on insulin twice daily to manage his diabetes and is very well behaved for his injections. He absolutely loves attention and is very talkative, meowing to let you know he’d like attention (or food!). 


Felicity takes a bit longer to come out of her shell but is so affectionate when she does. She’ll meow on occasion but is much quieter than her brother. She is also less enthralled by her food so will need to be separated from her brother or monitored at meal time to ensure he doesn’t steal her food. 


They are absolutely wonderful cats and will make a great addition to the right home! 

  Thailand partner
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Adoption Applications

                                                                                        Foster to Adopt program

Animals are placed in your home as fosters and the rescue covers all supplies, food and medical costs. Once the animal has been vetted and is ready for adoption, the foster family adopts the animal under this program.

If you are interested in becoming a foster to adopt, please submit both a foster and adoption application and a member of our team will be in touch.

 Adoption fees:

*Fees include up to date vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.

-Puppy: 450$             
-Adult dog: 425$
-Senior dog: 375$

-Kitten: 225$
-Adult feline: 200$
-Senior feline: 150$

-Small Animal: 85$

        How to apply:

If you are interested in any of our animals listed, please fill out an adoption application below and e-mail our team at: