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          (Thailand partner)


                      Meet Bernaby


Bernaby arrived in Ottawa from our rescue partners in Thailand in August! He was rescued as a young stray and rehabilitated at the Soi dog Foundation sanctuary in Phuket. Bernaby has settled in well with his foster family and is now ready to find his furever home. 


He’s a 2 year old, Thai mix and weighs 40 pounds with lots of personality. He often vocalizes when the fosters return home from errands. He sounds like Chewbacca!


Up to date on vaccines and neutered

He is great with older kids (10+)

Not tested with cats but has shown an interest in chasing them on walks. Loves chasing squirrels and taking very long walks. Bernaby loves to be outside!


Needs to be the only dog in the home. He walks well in the neighbourhood and is still working on socializing with other dogs while on walks.


He is an escape artist, and will require double leash with harness and collar, and a fenced in yard off leash.


He is very affectionate once comfortable with his people, but tends to bark at first meeting. Owners need to be aware that Bernaby has had serious injuries and is sometimes sensitive to being touched in those areas. Once he knows you well, it’s all good.


                 Ricky’s profile


Guess who is ready to find his match: RICKY!


This sweet puppy came into care as a local rescue, and he is now ready to find his forever home!

Ricky is a male, pure bred Doberman puppy, 6.5 months old.

He will grow to be a large dog as his mother is close to 85 pounds and his father is 100 pounds.

He has a wonderful temperament with other large dogs, but we have observed him to be too much for smaller dogs, and as a result, he would be better suited to a home with another medium/larger size dog. He does not get along with cats.

He has shown a great temperament around kids 10+, but he is also a jumpy puppy and would need to be supervised with younger children.

Ricky will need an experienced owner who can commit to properly training him. We have observed him to learn quickly so far, and he did very well at both veterinary appointments. He is a typical puppy for his breed, and will need a lot of stimulation, playtime, and consistency in order to properly flourish as he continues to grow. 

He is up to date on his vaccines, but will be adopted under the foster to adopt program until he is old enough to be neutered.

Not available yet

*Adoption pending*


*Adoption pending*




Adoption Applications

                                                                                        Foster to Adopt program

Animals are placed in your home as fosters and the rescue covers all supplies, food and medical costs. Once the animal has been vetted and is ready for adoption, the foster family adopts the animal under this program.

If you are interested in becoming a foster to adopt, please submit both a foster and adoption application and a member of our team will be in touch.

 Adoption fees:

*Fees include up to date vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.

-Puppy: 450$             
-Adult dog: 425$
-Senior dog: 375$

-Kitten: 225$
-Adult feline: 200$
-Senior feline: 150$

-Small Animal: 85$

        How to apply:

If you are interested in any of our animals listed, please fill out an adoption application below and e-mail our team at:

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