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        Hi there, my name is Honey!


  • I am a 1 year old female DSH (Domestic Shorthair).

  • In my previous life, I was a feral cat. I would make appearances for food but did not trust people. With time, good food, a warm bed, and a loving foster home, I was able to get comfortable and come out of my shell. I have adapted well to an indoor lifestyle.

  • I am just as sweet as my name suggests. Once I trust the people around me, I love to give snuggles and face rubs.

  • I am clean and use my litter box consistently. I am a proper lady after all!

  • I gave birth to a litter of 4 kittens in early spring. I was an attentive and nurturing mama to my babies until they were ready to find homes of their own.

  • I have been to the vet and they did a full workup to make sure I was healthy. I will go to my new home with updated vaccinations, microchip, spayed and dewormed. I have received the FeLV/FIV test and was negative, which I hear is good news. I feel great and look forward to starting my new chapter!



Now a message from my foster people:


  • Honey is sensitive to the activity and energy in the home environment. Her instinct is still very much to run and hide if something loud, sudden or unfamiliar is happening. It will likely take a couple of weeks for her to adjust to her new home.

  • She would do well in a home with calm, cat-savvy people. She has come a long way but still startles easily.

  • If there are children in the home, they would need to be patient and understanding of her needs. She prefers not to be approached directly, she will come in for cuddles on her own terms.

  • Enjoys the company of other animals but prefers if they give her space until she can come say hello. Has befriended other cats, dogs and lambs in her foster home.

*Adoption Pending*


samsy 2_edited.jpg

                 Samsy’s Profile


Hello, my name is Samsy and I am estimated to be a 5 year old Mixed Breed and 40 pounds. I lived the first several years of my life as a street dog in Thailand until I became an honorary member of the Soi Dog Foundation. After being vetted by a loving team of caregivers, I made my way to Canada in early May to start a new chapter of my life. With the help of Paws With A Cause Rescue and my super foster mom, I have been learning and loving the pet dog ways!


Here are some things my growing circle of friends say about me:



  • Samsy is a bright and happy girl. She is energetic and playful, but she is also happy to just hang out with her people and curl up beside them.

  • Samsy is a very people-oriented dog and requires a moderate level of exercise. She is a great companion for hiking or outdoorsy activities.

  • She loves walks and does well in all sorts of environments. She has no issues with traffic, other people, skateboards, bikes, etc. She likes kids and tolerates most other dogs passing by (more info below).

  • Samsy is learning quickly to let her guard down around other dogs. With proper introductions, she has done well in group walks and other controlled situations of dog socialization. She is confident in herself and will let the other dog know with a low growl when she does not appreciate their forwardness. She mostly just does her own thing in areas where there are other dogs.

  • She is highly food-motivated.

  • She greets everyone with a big smile and is always excited to welcome guests to her home. She can be a little bit vocal initially when her people leave, but settles after a short time. She is not at all destructive in the home, she is left free and has excellent bathroom habits.

  • She is a lovely girl. She is well-balanced, sweet, affectionate, quirky and fun.


Owner Suitability

  • Samsy would be well-suited to a home with dog-savvy children. She likes attention and tolerates kids well, it is just noteworthy that she likes to jump up and her interest in food may mean snacks are occasionally snatched from littler ones. Any kids in the home would need to know to respect her space with food or high-value items.

  • Samsy is a clever girl. She is acutely aware of any situation in which she can get free to explore her surroundings and, as such, requires a securely fenced area for free-time. Walks should be on-leash only as her recall is still improving.

  • She will always have a strong, natural instinct to explore what’s going on in the world around her. She loves to try and see what her neighbours are up to. Samsy would do well in an urban or suburban environment where there are people to watch, activities to monitor, and squirrels to keep in check!

  • At this time, she would be best suited to a home without other dogs.

  • She is currently living with a cat and they are coexisting well. She does occasionally show interest in the cat, but it is more out of curiosity. If the cat is familiar and comfortable around dogs, Samsy would certainly be able to cohabitate.

  • Samsy has had a short history of skin and ear issues. We are in the process of determining the cause and administering treatment. She may very likely have some allergies that will need to be addressed and managed going forward.

  • She will thrive in a home that offers multiple walks and various other stimulating activities throughout each day. She enjoys opportunities to engage with people and work for food.

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 Adoption fees:

*Fees include up to date vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.

-Puppy: 450$

-Adult dog: 425$

-Senior dog: 375$

-Kitten: 225$

-Adult feline: 200$

-Senior feline: 150$



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