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         3.5 months
  *Adoption Pending*


Meet little miss Tabitha!

-She is 3.5 months


-Domestic Short hair

-Spayed (once she is old enough)

She is a typical kitten who loves to play and she is extremely affectionate.

She gets along well with cat-savvy children and LOVES other cats.

She has met dogs but is a bit unsure of them. With that, and proper introductions, she would do well with a cat-savvy dog.

Columbia partner


Meet miss Paquita! She is 2.5 years old and arrived from our partner rescue Veterinaria Super Mascotas in July. Paquita was born on the streets of Barraquilla in Columbia and rescued with her mom and sister when she was just a few days old. She has spent her life at Dr. Mely’s sanctuary until her arrival to Canada. Her foster family and our trainer have worked for the last few months on helping her come out of her shell. She is now our shining little star, and she is ready to meet her furever family. Her foster parents know her best and this is what they have determined:



*Paquita is a very intelligent and happy girl.  She is energetic, playful and loving. She loves to walk or run every day, but she’s also happy to cuddle with her people too. She is very loyal.


*New owners will not be able to reach out and pet Paquita at first. This is a slow process. She will approach her new owners on her own schedule. This should not be rushed. She will attach to one person at first, and others slowly follow. Children will be her biggest challenge.  She does not bite but will run away from them. Standing and reaching out will trigger a fear response and she will retreat.


*Paquita will require daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. She has a tendency to put on weight hence the importance of a good daily routine. She gets the zoomies almost every day and loves a good game of tag.


*She can be in all sorts of environments. She has no issues with traffic, other people walking or cycling by her, skateboards etc., as long as she’s not approached too closely or if others reach out to pet her.


*She will ignore most other dogs she comes into contact with. She will naturally want to play with some, but doesn’t like it when other dogs invade her personal space. She will back away and at times emit low growls. She may hide behind her human.


*Paquita is hesitant with new people and takes a while to warm up. She requires a family with lots of patience as this process can take several weeks. Her walls will come down on her own schedule, and this process shouldn’t be rushed by her owners.


*Paquita can sleep alone in the house. No crate or cage is required. She doesn’t bark or chew, she has no destructive tendencies. She has excellent bathroom habits.


*Paquita gains confidence every day. Her progress has been remarkable. She surprises us every day as her true personality emerges.




*Paquita would be well suited in an active home. She can tolerate older dog-savvy children aged 11+ years.  She will bond well if the children walk or run with her. Paquita is learning to play with children. While playing, children shouldn’t reach out to her as this may trigger a fear response. Playing fetch, or running around are all okay. Keeping physical contact to a minimum.


*Although Paquita doesn’t appear to guard her food, children should not approach her while she’s eating. She does not guard her toys.


*Paquita is highly trainable, and food motivated. Keeping in mind her tendency to gain weight, small rewards are best.


*Paquita needs a fenced yard. If frightened, her reaction is to bolt. She does not test the perimeter, and is happy to remain in the yard for hours.


*Paquita can be in a home with other small dogs or cats. She does not tolerate large or aggressive/hyper dogs.


*Paquita has had ear mites. They are currently cleared but may have a tendency to return if her ears are not regularly cleaned. Her claws grow quickly and require trimming every 2-3 weeks for foot health.


*Paquita requires an active, stimulating environment to thrive. She will need patience as her initial fear and hesitancy with new people slowly melt away.

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*Adoption Pending*


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        Korean partner
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     Thailand partner

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Adoption Applications

                                                                                        Foster to Adopt program

Animals are placed in your home as fosters and the rescue covers all supplies, food and medical costs. Once the animal has been vetted and is ready for adoption, the foster family adopts the animal under this program.

If you are interested in becoming a foster to adopt, please submit both a foster and adoption application and a member of our team will be in touch.

 Adoption fees:

*Fees include up to date vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip.

-Puppy: 450$             
-Adult dog: 425$
-Senior dog: 375$

-Kitten: 225$
-Adult feline: 200$
-Senior feline: 150$

-Small Animal: 85$

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