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What is Paws with a Cause

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to write about what lead me to incorporate a cause behind my new business, or become a "business with a purpose".

As I mentioned in my introduction, I have been a volunteer dog walker since 2008, and still volunteer today. Animal rescue has been a passion of mine for many years, and I gained a lot of experience along the way. I've had the opportunity to volunteer hands-on with two different humane societies; Ottawa and Timmins, and for the past 3.5 years, I've been helping privately run rescues and animal sanctuaries here in Ottawa; the Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary and Keshet Rescue Kennels.

About 6 months ago, while scrolling social media, I came across an organization called No Dogs Left Behind, based out of China, and upon reading theirs blogs and going through their website, I was shocked at what I found out: the dog meat trade. I started following more small groups, such as Bunny's Buddies, and found out even more about the lack of animal welfare laws, and how dogs are stolen as family pets, and captured as strays, placed on meat trucks and sent to slaughterhouses. Furthermore, animals are tortured prior to being killed because there is a belief that the more the animal feels pain before dying, the more tender their meat will taste. I credit Bunny's Buddies founders Amanda and her husband Kyle, for researching and educating me and many others on this issue.

For the past 6 months, I have made contacts with a dozen different international animal rescues who are working hard, boots on ground, to save as many animals as they can, bring them to their local veterinary clinics, and transport them to their shelter once they have been medically cleared. I decided to start a small business doing what I love, and send 25% of my profits to different small groups to help them with medical bills, food and shelter, and transportation to their new homes to the USA and Canada once they have been adopted.

Each month, this blog will showcase the different rescues, provide a link to their website so that everyone can see first hand what hard work goes into their rescues.

Part of the profits will also go to local shelters and help animals right here as well. It is my belief that all animals matter, regardless of their geographical locations. The more money that Paws with a Cause can earn, the more money can be sent over to help, and the more animals can be helped and get a second chance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my second blog; together we can make a difference for our furry friends :)

Bunny's Buddies website:

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