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Showcasing "Every Dog's Wish" based out of Columbia

Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that Paws with a Cause has been busy with some new furry friends! We've had the pleasure of cat-sitting while pet parents took a nice vacation, and have acquired a few regular dog walks :)

As mentioned in previous posts, Paws with a Cause was founded as a pet care business with the purpose of donating 25% of its profits to local and international animal rescues. The more business we get, the more funds we can donate to help animals in need!

This month, Paws with is a Cause is showcasing "Every Dog's Wish", an animal rescue and clinic that is operated out of Malambo, Columbia. The rescue was founded and is operated by Dora Cardenas Ruckstuhl, born in Columbia, who now resides in Ottawa. She and I got in touch late in the summer of 2019 to discuss ways to help promote her rescue.

Currently, Every Dog's Wish is working in collaboration with Veterinaria Super Moscotas, a Veterinary clinic and rescue refuge centre based in Malambo, Atlantico, and is housing and caring for 70-100 stray animals who were rescued from the streets of Malambo. Dr. Melissa Hernandez is the owner of the clinic and sole care provider, and relies on donations to help keep her rescue refuge going.

Every Dog's Wish was founded to help support the clinic by donating funds to help pay for the clinic's daily expenses, such as feeding the animals, providing required medication and upkeep the shelter and its backyard space.

Please click the link below and take a look at the amazing work on their Facebook Page:

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