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Realities of international shelters

Paws with a Cause was founded as a dog walking services in Ottawa with the intention of donating 25% of its profits to rescues in need, both locally and internationally. Across the globe, animal shelters run without any government funding or animal protection laws to protect animal abuse and neglect. This leaves animals very vulnerable as they attempt to survive as strays on the streets, and, in some parts of the world, used as meat in the illegal cat and dog meat trade.

Their only hope at a second chance comes from the selflessness and dedication to those working boots on ground in shelters funded out of pocket, with these individuals left to cover all expenses that go along with running a shelter, such as food, medication, operating a shelter and finding forever homes to these beautiful animals who have been let down by humans in the past.

Slaughterhouse Survivors based out of Harbin China is now at maximum capacity and its founders recently took a trip to the emergency shelter in China where all the dogs were sick with canine distemper. Their sanctuary is now full due to travel restrictions and new animals in need arrive daily who have been saved from meat trucks, slaughterhouses and found as strays by good Samaritans.

I want to say a great big thank you to my regular clients who allow Paws with a Cause to donate to this amazing team on a monthly basis. The funds from each walk goes directly to the continuous care of these animals and helps this sanctuary rescue, rehabilitate and re-home this precious cats and dogs.

For more information on Slaughterhouse Survivors, please click on this link:

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