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New Beginnings- Paws with a Cause!

Paws with a Cause is happy to announce the start of a brand-new chapter!

We have thoroughly enjoyed caring for our client’s pets, and truly cherish our newfound friends and memories. However, the time has come for us to help our furry friends in a different way. While we are still very much involved in the animal care industry with our current clients, we will not be taking new ones as we move forward, as our focus is transitioning to rescue, adoption, education, and support.

The transition from a pet care business to that of a rescue network was a natural one for founder, Marie. Marie has been involved with several rescue organizations and has made a career of helping people and animals. Like many individuals and businesses during COVID-19, Marie wanted to assess the contribution that Paws with a Cause was making to the community. The truth is, there are so many animals in need of love, shelter, family, and security. The unfortunate reality is that too many of them are turned away from help. Although the groundwork for a rescue was laid long ago, recent events are responsible for initiating the first steps of this transition. After careful consideration and a life-long desire, Marie is now taking advantage of the opportunity for change and growth where it matters most and is teaming up with a small group of knowledgeable and educated partners who will join her with this new chapter. We are sad to see some of our services end, but we are happy to be starting on this new endeavor.

Please join us on our journey forward. We are thrilled to be getting our paws involved with the ultimate cause!

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