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Animals in need during COVID-19

The world has been through a lot with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many lives have been lost, and it is critical that everyone does their part in following Public Health Officials' instructions to social distance, self-isolate, and quarantine if need be. As a result of this, Paws with a Cause made the decision to suspend all walks when small businesses were ordered to shut down. We have only recently started walks again, and are taking things slow as we do so. When asked to assist our regular clients, we are very careful at taking every necessary safety measure, ensuring everyone's safety.

Our charity did not stop during this pandemic, and Paws with a Cause has continued to donate proceeds monthly to various international rescues in need, ranging from rescues located in China through Bunny's Buddies:, Slaughterhouse Survivors: and Karuna Rescue: In Thailand, we have continued to support Soi Dog Foundation:, and out of Columbia, we support Every Dog's Wish:

We understand that these times are difficult for many, and we are eternally grateful for all the support that we have continued to receive throughout this pandemic. Animals all over the wold need our help, as well as the amazing people working in the front lines with them. This month's donation from Paws with a Cause goes to Every Dog's Wish in the hopes that the funds will help the difficulties they are facing.

Thank you to everyone, and a heartfelt thank you for all of our essential workers who working around the clock. Please stay safe and healthy.

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